NADRA has for over 10 years successfully deployed projects such as secure Smart National ID Cards for Nigeria, Civil Registration System for the Republic of Sudan, Vehicle License for Bangladesh and Passport for the Government of Kenya. NADRA offers flexible end-to-end application development and integration services right from requirement analysis; till the testing and deployment of the application. Highly trained/certified professionals with hands-on experience on deployed systems provide trainings at in-house Training Centers in Islamabad, Pakistan as well as the required off-shore venue of the client.

Following are the features, strengths and technology that NADRA has to offer Worldwide:
Expertise in this field:

  • End to End Turnkey Solutions
  • Vendor Independent Approach
  • Large Scale Deployments
  • Customized Training Programs

Knowledge areas as System Integrator:

  • System Architecture and Design
  • Development of Enterprise level Software
  • Data Acquisition, Data Warehousing & Networks
  • Integration with Automated Finger Identification (AFIS), Facial & Iris Recognition Systems
  • Smart Card Personalization and Printing
  • System Deployment, Testing, Commissioning, Operations Management, Training etc.
  • Integration services for all types of ID technologies as per client’s requirement without ant vendors/manufacturers dependence.

Areas of Technology with Specialized R&D and Integration services:

  • Contact and contact less smart cards
  • Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID)
  • Facial Recognition systems
  • Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS)

Cryptography and Encryption using codes and cipher algorithms IDEA, RC2, RC5, CAST and Skipjack:

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES)
  • Digital Signatures (DS)
  • RSA (Public Key Cryptography)

Integration with Automated Biometric Identification Solutions (ABIS)
Single-version-of-truth’ (SVoT) & Logical Data Structure (LDS)
The central theme of business strategy followed at NADRA is to bring together various disparate systems’ ID Card System, e-Toll System, Civil Registration System, National Tax Registration System, Border Control, Machine Readable Passport System, Electoral Roll System, SIM Cards Registration System and Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), among others – at a centralized ‘single-version-of-truth’ (SVoT) enterprise level software infrastructure. NADRA is fully committed to follow this model by bringing together and melding the various system components into a cohesive wholesome solution, which encapsulates complete client’s requirements and generates maximum business and process value both in terms of improved citizen facilitation and enhancement of citizen registration base, with entrusted revenue streams. NADRA is one of the very few organizations globally which has achieved this ‘integrated view’ by incorporating Multi Biometrics as the basis of the system.

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