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NADRA has established more than 500 Multi-Biometric Interactive Registration Centers across Pakistan to improve quality of data acquisition and provide hassle free service to citizens of Pakistan. The data acquired is sent directly to the Data Warehouse for processing and finally for printing of secure documents. The Data Warehouse is developed and managed by NADRA’s own professionals and is equipped with mid-to-high grade servers from leading vendors namely IBM, HP, Dell, NCR, Teradata, Compaq etc.

NADRA has installed a highly secure, reliable, scalable, and mission critical Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). The network is spread all over the country with 8 major nodes connected to each other via DVB-RCS2, VSAT Satellite & terrestrial frame Relay links. It is equipped with high to mid end servers, devices and equipment from multiple vendors.
Data Warehouse Applications:

  • Extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) processes and routines
  • Multi-biometric engines and system integration
  • Disaster recovery and replication module
  • Phonetics-one of the fastest search engines which searches on name basis
  • Family identification-provide vertical and horizontal family linkages
  • Registration Tracking provides application status throughout the life cycle of processing
  • Verisys-web based ID card verification system
  • Biosys- web based fingerprint verification system

Network Features:

  • Interactive Data Acquisition
  • Double Date Entry
  • Online / Offline Enrolment
  • Centralized and Distributed System
  • Laser and other types of Printing
  • Secure Document Production

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