NADRA has developed its own Financial Service Solutions designed to provide online bill payment and cash disbursement for organizations and deserving nationals in need of cash grants, pensions and insurance claims. This platform is used to provide funds through electronic means to the underprivileged nationals, internally displaced people and those affected by the natural calamity like earth quake and floods. Outlets are placed at geographically dispersed public places to aid both the Government and public in meting out billing and disbursement services.

Under this platform NADRA provides the following services:

  • Utility Bill Payment/Collection
  • Billing Gateway
  • Mobile Banking
  • Secure Remittance Platforms
  • Electronic Point of Sales Solutions

Cash Disbursement Systems and G2P Programs: Various G2P programs have been initiated to reach out to the masses for Pension disbursement, insurance claims and income support programs, providing relief to the internally displaced people due to wars and people affected by natural calamities like earthquake and floods.

VERYSIS: NADRA’s Identification verification services for any Pakistani National.
NADRA has a financial channel of almost 12000 e-Sahulat franchisees supporting Utility Bills, Scratch cards, EOBI pensions and Guzara allowance.

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