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NADRA has developed its own E-Commerce Platform designed to provide online payment and collection facility for the general public and organizations through various outlets. These outlets have been installed at public places through its Franchise Network and are connected to NADRA’s National Data Warehouse through secure internet connections. High level encryption ensures protection of an individual’s data being transmitted to the warehouse for verification. This system offers a convenient, low-cost alternative to bill payments and other electronic transactions while enhancing customer convenience.

The following preferences and features have been incorporated in the application to ensure transactional & system security.

  • Personalized security settings for transaction as per user requirement
  • Developed on ISO 8583 standards
  • Biometric & Personal Identification Number level security
  • Hopping encryption algorithm for every transaction

Barring a few exceptions, almost all the national utility service providers and telecom operators are on board with NADRA e-Sahulat making it a commercially viable and operationally reliable network. A brief account of Services & Products currently available is:

Bill Payments:

  • Utility Companies,Electricity, water, Phone, Gas
  • Payment of banks by account holders

Cash Disbursement

  • Disbursement of funds for the e-Governance projects

Other Devices

  • National Identity card verification Service

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