NADRA introduces the newly re-designed NADRA Centralized Complaint Management System (NCCMS) on Monday to smoothen and centralize its grievance redressal process.

With the extended magnitude of public service undertaken by NADRA, the institution faced an indiscriminate inflow of complaints from various platforms like phone helpline, Twitter, Facebook, Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PMDU), written applications/complaints, old complaint management system (CMS) and people coming physically to NADRA offices and Headquarter. The dispersed mechanisms for grievance redressal resulted in delayed and inefficient complaint resolution.

The new NCCMS is a great leap forward in improving service delivery and a vast improvement on the previously dispersed arrangements that lacked a proper mechanism for tracking, categorizing, monitoring and response on complaints.  The new system will enable the NADRA management to respond to the queries and complaints of general public availing NADRA services across the country and abroad promptly and efficiently. The Compliant management portal will be live on NADRA’s website where the citizens can directly file their complaints regarding any issues they face pertaining to NADRA.

Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik while inaugurating NCCMS said that he opened up NADRA services and employees’ performance, for the public to measure and define on their own. Seeing NADRA from public eye led him to develop a single centralized system which could enable the authority venturing into a Rapid Redressal Regime, he added.

Mr. Malik said, “NADRA is the largest public facing organization at national level that incurs a footfall of average 100,000 people daily at its 755 NADRA registration centers (NRCs), 263 Mobile Registration Vans (MRVS) and 10 overseas centers. NADRA’s online Pak-ID services are also available globally in more than 190 countries.”

The new system will provide a unified view of complaints related to all NADRA products, services and projects.

With an effective monitoring mechanism, the NCCMS has the feature to escalate the complaint if it is not resolved in a given resolution timeframe.  When a complaint is not resolved in due time, there is also a super escalation feature that brings up the complaint directly to Chairman NADRA.

Complaints can be registered by a citizen using any of the following channels and  these complaints will then be logged into the NCCMS, for centralized monitoring, action and resolution. The channels are NADRA helpline 1777 for mobile phone users, 051-111786100 for landline users and international callers, Email, Social Media – complaints received by Customer Services Department (CSD), NADRA Twitter & Facebook handles and Regional DGs through their social media accounts.

The system has been equipped with all required features such as status tracking via unique registration number, escalation and receipt of closure, to make the experience user-friendly.

To enhance performance of NRCs, we have leveraged technology and data analytics to conduct real-time monitoring from our Headquarters Operation Room. Token processing, queue handling is monitored live and interventions are made accordingly to improve service delivery at all levels.