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NADRA Centers to accept payments through JazzCash/ Easy Paisa for its services

Around 14 million JazzCash and 10 million EasyPaisa wallet customers to benefit from this facility. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) in collaboration with JazzCash and EasyPaisa introduces the facility of accepting digital payments for its services at all NRCs. The citizens can now digitally pay the fee for ID card processing or other identity documents through their JazzCash/EasyPaisaapp in real-time.

NADRA embarks on adopting Digital Payments in partnership with JazzCash and EasyPaisa. This service complements the recently launched Credit/Debit card payments at NRCs adding to public convenience by providing alternative digital payment methods along with the existing cash payment option. The service shall be available to over 23million mobile wallet customers.

The inauguration ceremony in this regard took place at NADRA headquarters. Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik, CEO JazzCash Murtaza Ali and CEO Telenor Microfinance Bank & EasyPaisa, Mohammad Mudassar Aqil were present on the occasion.

NADRA’s collaboration with Mobile wallets for contactless payments is a major step towards a digital and documented economy, in line with the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the State Bank.

Speaking on the launch of digital payment gateways for the citizens, Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik said that he envisioned NADRA to be a trailblazer in the field of identity management thereby vying for global standard, set forth. “While we tread aggressively on the path to achieve goals of smart governance and improved service delivery, providing convenience to the common man and society at large has been the singular motive behind NADRA’s digital intervention under my leadership” he said.

Tariq Malik said that the digital payment platform provides easy payment options to a huge number of potential customers already registered with both JazzCash and EasyPaisa. NADRA Centers across the country have around 100,000 customers visiting NADRA centers every day. Digitalizing payment systems aims at bringing a huge customer base on digital net by offering them an easy and secure mode of payment while pivoting towards a Digital Pakistan, he added.

Speaking on the occasion CEO JazzCash Murtaza Ali said, “JazzCash and NADRA have a longstanding relationship and today’s announcement is another step towards digitalizing essential public services. As the largest digital mobile wallet, we consider it our national duty to assist the government in shifting to a cashless economy, making such strategic alliances crucial. This partnership will facilitate our fellow citizens by enabling digital payments against NADRA services, making transactions more secure and convenient.”

Commenting on the development, M. Mudassar Aqil, CEO Easypaisa/Telenor Microfinance Bank, stated; “Since its inception, Easypaisa has offered a revolutionary mode of transactions for all Pakistanis. We strongly believe that the way forward for a cashless and financially inclusive society is through collaboration, and we are proud of this latest partnership with NADRA, which will enable millions of Easypaisa users to make NADRA fee payments digitally, in a convenient and secure manner. As the number 1 payments app of the country, we hope to continue taking Pakistan forward in our mission for a transparent and cashless economy through such partnerships


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Payments at NADRA Registration Centers (NRCs) can now be made through all credit and debit cards

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has awarded the mandate for the deployment of Point-of-Sales (POS) terminals to HBL for the acceptance of credit and debit cards at NADRA Centers across the country. These POS terminals are being deployed at all NADRA Centers on the directives and recommendation of Government of Pakistan and State Bank of Pakistan.

The agreement in this regard was signed between Tariq Malik, Chairman – NADRA and Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO – HBL. Senior officials from both the organizations were also present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Tariq Malik, Chairman – NADRA said that installing POS Terminals at our NRCs would allow payment through debit and credit cards. NADRA Centers across the country have a massive public footfall every day and digitalizing payment systems would allow the citizens to have multiple payment options, offering them an easy and secure mode of payment while pivoting towards a Digital Pakistan, he said.

He also stated that adoption of POS Terminals at the NRCs offers accounting efficiency and accuracy. He said that the NRCs will now be accepting more currencies as the applicants are often Overseas Pakistanis with foreign bank accounts and payment cards.

Through this partnership, HBL will be deploying its POS terminals at all NADRA Centers nationwide. This initiative is pivotal towards improving Pakistan’s digital infrastructure, enabling HBL to play its part in supporting NADRA to digitalize its identification systems at large. It will allow applicants at NADRA to have multiple payment options by offering them ease and convenience of service.

Commenting on the occasion, Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO – HBL said, “We are delighted to be awarded this mandate. HBL and NADRA have a longstanding relationship, spanning over many years. HBL as the Government of Pakistan’s primary bank, has implemented many strategic programs in partnership with NADRA to bring convenience and ease for the public. This partnership furthers HBL’s strategic priority of promoting digitalization across the country.”

NADRA remains a key stakeholder for HBL, as it provides both verisys and biometric verification systems, allowing the Banks and other financial institutions to verify the credentials of their clients at the time of account opening and conducting transactions.

HBL continues to be the main account/collection bank for NADRA Registration Centers including more than 600 operational accounts opened across various branches of the Bank.


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Interior Minister Inaugurates Upgraded System of Pakistan Online Visa System

Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed inaugurated upgraded system of Pakistan Online Visa System (POVS) here at NADRA Headquarters Islamabad. Earlier the system inaugurated in March 2019 was a cumbersome process with no access through smart phones and tablets.

NADRA has automated the end-to-end visa application process for the convenience of applicants. The overhauling involved the up-gradation of the system transforming it into user-friendly, robust and secure interface compatible with all devices including mobile and tablet.

Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed speaking on the occasion said the online application was not only promoting tourism in Pakistan but also a catalyst in positive image building of the country. He said the ease of access to Pakistan generated through POVS had improved Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and stirred up socio-economic activity in the country. So far over six hundred thousand (6 lacs) applications have been received from 180 countries through online visa system, he added.

Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik while speaking on the launch said that the recent upgrades in Pakistan Online Visa System would result in the reducing the application filing time by 50 percent. He said international travel has witnessed a major spike and visa approval rate has reached to 94%. He said, “My mission to look at our services from the citizens’ prism and make Public Services available for all.”

Moreover, new categories Medical Tourism, CPEC Visa, and Pilgrim Visa, Mountaineering & Trekking Visa have also been incorporated in Pakistan Online Visa System. Business visa policy is also revamped through which visa acquisition is now possible within 24 hours.




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PM launches Digital Power of Attorney (PoA) Service for Overseas Pakistanis

NADRA’s latest addition to the Digital Innovative Solutions!

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan launched a pilot phase of a Digital Power of Attorney Service providing the much awaited ease for Overseas Pakistanis that earlier went through a tedious process of physical appearance at their respective embassies/consulates.

NADRA in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs has designed, developed and implemented a web-based solution that allows applying for PoA issuance. The digitization of issuing Power of Attorney aims at addressing the public inconvenience of Overseas Pakistanis of physically visiting embassies/missions.

The Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik said rolling out digital services for expatriates is another step towards implementing PM’s vision of creating ease in public service delivery. He said every year over 73,000 Overseas Pakistanis physically visit Embassies and Mission abroad for POA issuance. The digital solution for the issuance of PoA from the comfort of their homes is a leap forward putting an end to customer inconvenience alongside saving time and traveling cost for Overseas Pakistani, he added.

Moreover, the overseas Pakistanis, residing in those countries or cities which do not have a Pakistan Embassy/Consulate,  will get benefit largely from this online facility who earlier had to travel to the nearest country at Pakistan Diplomatic Mission for issuance of POA.

Pilot phase will be launched in 10 Pakistan Missions Abroad that will subsequently be replicated in all other Missions. The ten pilot phase missions are: Washington D.C, New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles in US and London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Bradford in UK.

This innovative solution for the PoA, created by NADRA, utilizes state-of-the art Pak-ID Online Biometric Verification Services. During the application, the applicant(s) (also known as Executor(s)) along with two witnesses will scan and upload their paper-based biometrics, which are verified through the National Database in real-time

Following a successful biometric verification, NADRA has enabled a Video Interview Module in the application that will allow the Consular Officer at the concerned Pakistan Mission Abroad to conduct online interview of the executor(s), witnesses, and notaries their consent to execute the PoA.

The solution has features to upload the scanned documents, pictures and also allows Consular Officer at the Foreign Mission to compare and verify the details against NADRA Data. The features incorporated above meet the global benchmarks of e-KYC compliance.

In addition to software development and biometric verifications, NADRA will continue to provide customer support to end-users facing issues with their application through Pak-ID Live Chat Feature. NADRA will also provide post-deployment technical support and maintenance services to MoFA.


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Mobile Biometric Verification -A new era of Convenience and Digital Pakistan

PM launches NADRA’s Biometric Capturing New Mobile Application

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has launched NADRA’s Pak-ID mobile application to facilitate applicants of National ID card using Pak-ID portal. The mobile app helps to capture biometrics and scan documents digitally by using the camera of smart phones.

The prime minister applauded Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik’s innovative idea of mobile app which is a step towards implementing PM’s vision of inclusive registration and digital Pakistan.

Pakistan becomes trailblazer in ID Management Industry by launching a mobile app which captures biometrics- fingerprints, facial recognition and scan documents needed for processing of citizens’ ID cards and documents.

Using the digital app on smart phones, all citizens including expatriates will be able to digitally capture fingerprints, photographs and documents. This is a leap forward putting an end to conventional method of using specialized equipment or physical paper for processing ID documents in NADRA.

Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik said, “The innovation will revolutionize the National ID Eco System in Pakistan by providing public convenience.”

He said the digital dividends of such technology innovation would yield positive results in financial inclusion, ease of doing business and e-governance initiatives by offering remote identification and e-KYC.

Chairman NADRA stated that it would open new Vistas for businesses allowing them to rapidly onboard users and provide modern password-less authentication.

Small business, startups and fintech organizations will also harvest its digital dividends as rent seekers will be eliminated and the cost of conducting business will reduce. The offering of digital goods will stimulate young entrepreneurship and promote e-services.

This app Pak Identity can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iOS).