NADRA Issues a Rebuttal against False Propaganda using Mobile Registration Van Video

November 2, 2023by admin

Islamabad: NADRA has released an official statement addressing the recent video circulating on social media featuring a NADRA mobile registration van (MRV). According to the NADRA spokesperson, MRVs are deployed to provide vital services to citizens residing in remote areas, often in response to requests from local communities and social and political figures.

The video in question is approximately four months old, capturing an MRV parked in a building near Khyber Chowk in the Baldia Town area of Karachi, dated July 20, 2023. The registration activity occurred during the daytime, with the vehicle temporarily sheltered in a nearby building due to bad weather. NADRA team successfully processed six renewals, serving both male and female applicants.

During the MRV’s presence, local police officers on patrol approached the NADRA personnel to inquire about the purpose of their activity. Following a satisfactory response from NADRA staff, the police personnel left without further engagement.

The spokesperson said that NADRA, being a national institution, is committed to fulfil its national duties in collaboration with other government agencies to ensure the deportation of illegal foreign nationals. However, the spokesperson also pointed out that some miscreants are engaged in propaganda activities against the campaign run by the government. Such activities are detrimental to Pakistan’s national interests, and the said video is cited as an example of such deceptive propaganda, the spokesperson said.

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