The safe city model comprises of a host of features which unite to form a formidable technology driven approach in securing a specific region. The implementation of this project facilitated by the advent of Smart ID cards, Electronic RFID tags, Smart Vehicle Registration Cards and Centralized databases (primarily NADRA Citizen Database and Centralized Vehicle Database) for authentication of vehicles and individuals. The whole network of security structure is additionally supported by a myriad of Security cameras and CCTVs.

NADRA has already successfully implemented this project in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Under the security plan as many as almost 2000 Security and CCTV cameras and Intelligent Video Surveillance are installed in the city. NADRA is also planning to replicate this project in Karachi, which is the economic hub of Pakistan and the fifth largest city of the world in terms of population.
This is further complimented by installation of CCTV/IP cameras and RFID tag readers which are required to be placed at strategic locations across the city to create an effective monitoring and control system. The model is an amalgamation of technology and trained personal who act together in fortifying the territorial space. Controlled through central command center, the population and their activities are monitored along with a vehicle tracking system that forms a preverbal umbrella hovering over the allocated access points and key locations which may include check posts, public access areas, sensitive installations and restricted areas.