National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) has the honor of transforming the paper based ID management to a state of the art identity with back end data input and reporting. From paper to computerized cards and finally chip based cards with advance security features, NADRA strives to cover maximum population of Pakistan and Pakistanis residing outside of the country. The issuance is streamlined with a series of scrutiny processes including biometrics and verification. Certificates like Family Registration, Child registration and death certificates can be issued based on this data base.

Transformation of Identity:


POC has been introduced in order to provide means to citizens to keep their link with Pakistan in case they have origin and are bound to leave the nationality as certain countries do not allow dual nationality.


In an effort to make personalization identity management accessible, online web based application Pak identity is also available to all Pakistani citizens outside the country.
Please visit Pak Identity website to apply and learn about the services.