NADRA Asked to Develop Arms Licensing System
The News: Dated 21 April, 2011

The Ministry of Interior has instructed the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to develop a state-of-the-art system for the issuance of computerized arm licenses.

It was stated by NADRA Chairman Ali Arshad Hakeem while briefing the Senate Standing Committee on Interior about the arms license project at the arms license issuance site of the NADRA’s Regional HQ, Islamabad.

Senator Talha Mahmood, along with other committee members and NADRA officials, attended the briefing. Hakeem said that the Ministry of Interior had introduced a secure computerized arms license Management System as a replacement of the existing system. He said security is an essence of the reliability of any particular identity document. The current situation in the country demands that a document as sensitive as the arms license be developed in a highly secure platform. In continuation of the background security checks employed in this new system, physical security features are added to strengthen its reliability. The design of the software application of ALP is based on an explicit and emphasized consideration to security, transparency, flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

He said the core deliverable of the system is a card, which will entitle the holder of the license to possess an authorized weapon.

He told the Senate Committee that the card had been printed on a chemical substrate which is the same as used in the production and preparation of the current Computerized Pakistan National ID Card.

He said weapons for which license are permissible have been categorized as Non-Prohibited Bore (NPB) & Prohibited Bore (PB) for which computerized arms license will be issued within 15 days of receiving the demand note from the applicant which computerized arms license will be issued within 15 days of receiving the demand note from the applicant while computerized Arms License will be valid for a period of 5-Years.


The demand note, a secured paper with multiple security features, he added is being issued to the applicant 4 days after receiving the duly filled application after which verification of his/her CINC and other quality control checks would be undertaken, he added.


He said the process would be systematic and transparent including approval of Ministry of Interior, a Secured Weapon Procurement Authorization (Demand note) is generated with an encrypted barcode.


NADRA ensures production and distribution of cards and generate instant reports for management decision while a Web portal for MOI is also being made for the reporting of Arms licenses issued.


The application forms are received at NADRA center with fee in cash after which the scanning and data entry of the application form(s) is being done subject to verification of applicant’s CNIC.


NADRA is responsible for feedback generation to MOI and applicant, if form is rejected.


NADRA issues cards to new applicants and process applications for modification and renewal of the card also. NPB License is being issued to those Security Companies who have the approval from Ministry of Interior.

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