NADRA Asks Afghans to Renew PoR Cards before Deadline
The Pakistan Observer: Dated 25 February, 2011

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has urged all the registered Afghans to get their Proof of Registration (PoR) cards renewed before the deadline of February 28. Deputy Chairman NADRA, Tariq Malik stated this in a statement issued here on Thursday. NADRA started the process of replacing old PoR cards with new secure cards in September last year which concludes on February 28 this year.

He said since September, 1365000 new PoR cards have been issued through 45 centers across the country. This includes 230,049 cards given to children previously registered on their parents’ cards and 96,608 previously unregistered members of registered families.

In addition, 288,066 newborn babies have also been registered. As part of the same project, almost 638,975 Afghan children under the age of 18 have received their first ever birth certificates.

Malik said registered Afghan those have not yet renewed their PoR cards should approach the nearest registration center till 28th Feb, 2011, so that UNHCR’s deadline could be met and their data could be updated. He said PoR card is an important identity document that proves the temporary legal stay of registered Afghans in Pakistan, and is valid until December 31, 2012. "NADRA is proud to help United Nations High Commissioner for Afghan Refugees to develop biometric refugee database.

We would like to offer our expertise in multi-biometric citizen registration services to United Nations High Commissioner for Afghan Refugees anytime and anywhere in the world where there is a refugee crisis." said Tariq Malik.

He said registered Afghan citizens residing in Pakistan holding PoR cards and not repatriated are eligible to receive the new cards. Afghans must bring their existing PoR cards to the registration centers. If the original card is broken or lost, a photocopy of the PoR card will be acceptable for renewal purpose, to find the data of the applicant exists in the database.


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