NADRA's Policy for Change of Name
The News: Dated 5  December, 2010

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has issued policy guidelines for the people who are applying for change in names to clarify the ambiguity about the process.


NADRA spokesman said that for the change of complete name, applicants have to fulfill certain requirements including provision of an affidavit attested by 1st class magistrate along with advertisement in any two newspapers approved by the Press Information Department.


The spokesman said if applicant’s qualification is Secondary School Certificate (Matric) or above, name as appears on Matric certificate will be written while if head of family (father/husband) changes his name, all family members will be required to modify their CNICs/NICOPs/CRCs.


He said For NICOP & POC holders; name change deed duly verified by the concerned Consulate General is required (only for abroad NADRA Swift Registration Centers).


The spokesman said that name change due to religion would be entertained only when the applicant gives an affidavit attested by 1st Class Magistrate along with advertisements in three national / regional daily newspapers verified by PID and certificate issued by registered religious institution/Mufti.



He said Assistant Manager/System Engineer would be responsible to see the original documents, & endorse the remarks on the application form, “Seen original documents” & sign while once name changed applicant will not be allowed to retain his old name.


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