Instructions / Documents Required For Submitting NICOP Application

  • Instructions for Form Submission

    • Fill complete Form.*
    • Get it duly signed by the applicant.
    • Affix Thumb impression.
    • Fix Passport Size photograph at designated place.
    • Attach one additional photograph.
    • One Pakistani Address is Mandatory.
    • Attestation of form by any CNIC/NICOP holder.

    Documents Required

       Following documents are to be attached in addition to the form filled by the applicant:-

    • Bank Deposit Receipt/Draft.
    • Clear photocopy of valid Pakistani/Foreign passport.
    • Pakistani B-Form/CRC/CNIC/NIC/NICOP Copy (if available).
    • Copy of Spouse/Father/Mother NIC/CNIC/NICOP (if available).
    • Birth Certificate (For first time registration only).
    • Marriage Certificate (For first time registration for married female only).
    • Copy of Head NIC/CNIC/NICOP.

    * NICOP Application Forms can be acquired from all booking stations and Embassies, or can be downloaded from NADRA's official website: However, clear print outs of the application forms on (A-4 size) can also be filled and sent for processing through Pak Missions / Embassies.

    * Applicants are instructed to attach clear photocopies along with their application forms otherwise their case can be rejected due to poor / non clear photocopy.

    * Applicants are also requested to mention / provide their valid contact numbers / Email IDs so that in case of any ambiguity / rejection they can be contacted accordingly, otherwise our Rejection Handling Department will have to generate intimation letter to the applicant, which takes more time as compare to above mentioned channels.

    * If applicant's record was rejected due to following reason(s):-

    • Mandatory document not attached with the application form,
    • Any additional document required from the applicant e.g. MNIC/CNIC/NICOP copies, birth certificate, marriage certificate... etc. for verification purpose.

    06 months dead line

    Documents Required for Modification
    1. For Name Change

      1. Partial Change
        • No documents required (Like Khan, Malik, Ch etc)
      2. Complete Change
        • Name Change deed duly verified by the concerned Consulate General is requried (for NSRC Abroad only).
        • Once name changed applicant will not be allowed to retain his old name.
      3. Due to Religion
        • Certificate issued by Registrered religious institution / Mufti
    2. For Father Name Change

      1. Alive
        • Father's CNIC
      2. Deceased
        • Court order
    3. Date of Birth Change

      1. For beyond three years, valid Pakistan / Foregin Passport is required in additon to Matric Certificate / service record / Court Decree
    4. Address Change

      1. Temporary Address
        • No documents required
      2. Permanent Address
        • Registry / Local Domicile/Allotment letter of property against his / her (Father / Mother) name.
    5. Change in Marital status & Name for Female applicants (Married/Divorced).

      1. Married Female
        • Husband's CNIC/MNIC
        • Nikkah name or marriage certificate is required
        • In case of death of first husband
        • Death Ceritificate of first husband
        • Nikkah nama (with second husband / CNIC)
      2. Divorce Female
        • Divorce papers / Certificate attested by Arbitrary council.
    Booking Checklist For NICOP
    • Inconsistencies Checklist.
      • Photocopy of Pakistani/Foreign Passport attached?
      • Photocopy of NIC / CNIC is attached?
      • Two(2)Photographs.

    Check the following during the booking of NICOP applications.

    Serial No on Form



    Has correct type of Application been ticked?


    Has NIC/CNIC/NICOP number of Family Head been provided?


    Has Relation with family head been mentioned?

    4 & 6

    Has applicant's full name clearly been written in English & Urdu (Note: In English, name should not exceed 27 characters including spaces).


    Has applicant'sNIC/CNIC/CRC/NICOP number been provided?

    7 & 9

    Has father's name clearly been written in English & Urdu (Note: In English, name should not exceed 27 characters including space).


    Has father's NIC/CNIC/NICOP number been provided?

    10 & 12

    Has mother's name clearly written in English & Urdu (Note: In English, name should not exceed 27 characters including space).


    Has mother's NIC/CNIC/NICOP number been provided?

    13 & 15

    Has spouse name clearly been written in English & Urdu (Note: In English, name should not exceed 27 characters including space).


    Has spouse's NIC/CNIC/NICOP number been provided?


    Visible Mark of Identification, where applicable.


    Has country of stay abroad clearly been written?


    Has applicant's date of birth clearly been written? (Note: DOB Format is DD/MM/YYYY)


    Has Pakistani or Foreign Passport number been provided?


    Has date of expiry of Pakistani or Foreign Passport been provided?


    Has place & country of issue of Passport been provided?


    Has Place of Birth been written?

    23 & 24

    Has Pakistani/Foreign address been provided? (One Pakistani address is mandatory). (Note: In case of Pakistani address House/Flat no, Street/Sector No. Teshsil, District, Postal Code is mandatory whereas in case of Foreign address House/Flat no, Street/Sector No, ZIP Code, Country etc is mandatory)


    Has Jammu and Kashmir been ticked? (Note: In case the applicant is from AJK)


    Has telephone Numbers/Email address clearly been written (Note: Mandatory for every application along with country/city code)


    Has Blood Group been given?


    Has Gender, Marital Status, Religion,Profession,Education,Status/purpose of stay abroad, applicant's left thumb impressions and signatures been ticked and affixed properly?

    29, 30 & 31

    Has attester information been given?


    To be filled by NADRA Assistant.


    Blood Relative Reference (Name, CNIC/NICOP number) Please mention the relation with applicant.


    In case applicant is Muslim then serial number 28(b) on the form is mandatory and make sure that Signatures of applicant has been affixed.


    Check the status of the bank receipt/pay order/draft for home delivery option and tick accordingly.

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