NADRA Asks Parents to Get B-Forms for Children
The News: Dated 23 April 2010

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has urged all the parents to get their children registered with the national database by obtaining their B-Forms.

In a press statement here Thursday, NADRA Deputy Chairman Tariq Malik said the Punjab government had declared Form “B” mandatory for admissions to IX and XI classes resulting in rush at the NADRA offices.“Although Punjab Government has extended this condition up till September, 2010, yet I urge all the parents to get their children registered for Form B and not wait till implementation for such conditions for admissions,” he maintained.

Tariq Malik said the NADRA had been publicising the importance of registration of citizens, including children, through advertisement in print and electronic media.

He urged the parents to get their children registered and update their particulars so that they could avert any urgent registration requirement.

He also said that the charges of Rs 500 for B Form were for only urgent applications while people could also get B form after paying ordinary fee of Rs 50.

He said the NADRA management had also instructed the NADRA regional offices to ensure timely processing of “B” Form and its early delivery.


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