Family Registration Certificates are documents issued to nationals of Pakistan highlighting the family tree structure of the applicant.

FRC Application Process 

Detailed Application Procedure 
  • Data Acquisition at Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)
    • Issuance of Token
    • Photo Capturing
    • Thumb and Signatures
    • Data Acquisition by DEO
  • Verification from NADRA Data Warehouse
  • Printing of FRC Form at DAU
  • Delivery to Applicant


Documentation Requirements 

Following are the documentation requirements for FRC :

  • CNIC numbers of all family members
  • CRC numbers of all family members



  • For further details please refer to the checklist in related downloads or call us on our UAN 111-786-100.








  • Family Certificate by Birth (Parents & Siblings)
  • Family Certificate by Marriage (Wife & Children)


Delivery Time 
  • Real Time

Fee Structure 
TypeNormal (Rs.)
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