e-Driver’s License  



NADRA has developed an RFID based Driver’s License that bears a license holder's unique, personal information as well as stores data regarding traffic violations and tickets issued / outstanding penalties. Data is stored in two halves of the chip. One half contains the personal information of the license holder and cannot be changed or modified. The second half is re-writable, where history of violations can be recorded. At the end of the day, violation data is transferred from the policeman’s handheld device (PDA) to local police station which is then transferred to the central server (at district/state level) through secure channel that ensures data security and integrity. The e-Driver’s License system has been developed to automatically revoke driving rights in case of traffic violation. Comprehensive data of violations is electronically stored and available to the authorities. The e-Driver’s license developed by NADRA also allows the authorities to provide for supplementary provisions and services. The RFID Driver’s License enables improvements in identity verification, privacy protection and highway safety.

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