NICOP ( National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis )

  1. What is NICOP
  2. NICOP is an official identification document for Pakistani citizens working / living abroad. NICOP can be produced for personal identification in place of Computerized NIC (CNIC) in both, Pakistan and abroad. In accordance with international standards, the NICOP is issued in English language, therefore, allows worldwide acceptance.

  3. Eligibility Criteria
    1. Who can apply
      NICOP is meant for Pakistanis who are working and / or living abroad. NICOP is also a mandatory requirement for Pakistani citizens holding a visa for a country (other than Pakistan) valid for more than Six months.
    2. Dual National Countires
      Pakistan has relations with other countries which allow citizens to hold nationalities of both countries, i.e. Pakistani as well as foreign nationalities at the same time. These dual national countries are as follows:-


List Of Dual National Countires
S.No. Country Date of Dual National Status S.No Country Date of Dual National Status
1. Australia Sept 15, 1990 9. Jordan Feb 27, 1988
2. Belgium Dec 01, 1983 10. Netherlands - (Holland) Feb 18, 1993
3. Canada May 17, 1973 11. New Zealand Dec 01, 1983
4. Egypt Sept 17, 1990 12. Switzerland Feb 15, 1988
5. France Dec 01, 1983 13. Sweden Aug 29, 2002
6. Iceland Dec 01, 1983 14. Syria Mar 13, 1989
7. Italy Dec 01, 1983 15. USA Aug 29, 2002
8. Ireland 09 Apr 2005 16. United Kingdom 1972
* Note:
Those applicants who have attained nationality of other country prior to notification of Dual National Status, they will only be eligible for POC. And if an applicant is desirous of getting NICOP, he/she will have to provide "Proof of Registration" from immigration & passport.

    1. Following citizens are eligible for the NICOP:
      • Citizens holding nationalities of above countries along with Pakistani nationality are issued a NICOP as an Identification Document.
      • Pakistani citizen staying abroad, having a passport with a valid visa with a minimum of Six months duration.
      • Citizens of dual national countries holding Pakistani NIC / Passport even if they are using foreign passport for traveling.
      • Siblings and dependents of the above.
    2. Emigrants
      All those Pakistani citizens who work or intend to work outside Pakistan and are required to be registered with/ protected by the Protector of Emigrants.
    3. Dual Nationality Holders
      All Pakistani citizens simultaneously holding nationality of any other foreign country or state as mentioned in the above quoted list of dual national countries.
    4. Immigrants / residents visa-holders
      All Pakistani citizens holding resident or immigrant visa, whether permanent or otherwise, or equivalent visa or permit of a foreign country.
    5. Residents Abroad
      All Pakistani citizens, resident or intending residents abroad for a period exceeding six months.
  1. Claim for Gratis NICOP

    Following persons are exempted from payment of fee for NICOP on producing satisfactory evidence of their status:-
    1. Government Servants on Duty / Training Abroad Government servants or applicants in the service of local authority or a corporation owned or controlled by the Federal or Provincial Government and are proceeding abroad on Government duty or posting abroad or on duty or for employment with any international organization or for the Federal Government.
    2. Dependents of the Above Spouse, real children, parents, brothers and sisters of persons specified in point "a" above and are accompanying the applicant.
    3. Student Proceeding for Studies Abroad Students with valid student visa till the validity of their visas.
  2. Benefits to NICOP Card Holders
    1. For non-resident citizens, visa free entry to Pakistan.
    2. Assurance of full protection by Government of Pakistan in case of any untoward incident.
    3. The Authority may arrange for and make available other lawful benefits, rights and privileges for holders of the card, as it may deem fit, in association with governmental or private organizations or entities in order to galvanize registration of the citizens under these rules.
    4. In the absence of any other identification document, NICOP is the only document with Photo Identification abroad.
    5. All overseas Pakistanis residing abroad can get their Machine Readable Passport (MRP) issued/renewed on the basis of NICOP.


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