DUP Cards Processing

NADRA has come up with a solution for all those who possess a duplicate CNIC either via genuine mistake or via forgery. Beginning from the 01st Apr 2009 and ending at 30th Jun 2009, NADRA is launching a duplicate CNIC campaign, hence all those who have a dual CNIC and encountering tremendous trouble in day to day affairs, can get this rectified in that duration.

Following are the categories of people having a dual CNIC:



This category has people who maybe applied from two different stations and now have their cards blocked due to duplication of application. this is a genuine mistake and the dues for this is far lesser than those having various transactions and being aware of the fact that this is not legally authorized.


This category has people who have two CNICs with the same details and little difference and who are consciously doing transactions based on two different identities. This is legally not authorized and may lead to serious problems for them if they do not get it rectified within the specified timeline. This category has more processing fee as compared to the previous one as now these people willingly and consciously have transactions moreover our fees are only the processing fees as our people will have to work overtime in order to correct the processes.


This is the category of people who infact have gotten two identities in order to get away with anything based on the different IDs. In the eyes of law they are committing a serious crime and the penalty for this will be dealt in the court. However we are giving them a chance to come up to us and surrender their cards and get one identity in the duration of three months and non-conformity will lead to serious penalty, and nadra will take an action against them.


Categories Description(Below Matric) Fee (10 X Working Days)Literate Fee (10 X Working Days)Fast Track Fee (4 X Working Days)Abroad Fee (10 X Working Days)
ASame Particulars on CNICs Without TransactionRs 1000/-Rs 1000/-Rs 20,000/-$ 100/-
BSame Particulars on CNICs With TransactionRs 5,000/-Rs 10,000/-Rs 20,000/-$ 400/-
CDifferent Particulars on CNICs With/Without TransactionsRs 10,000/-Rs 10,000/-Rs 20,000/-$400/-

Objective of DUP-Processing

The main purpose of a duplicate campaign is to eliminate flaws in the system and corruption amongst people and to let them know that their Identity is one.

NADRA is aware of the 98000 people and their whole data who have duplicate cards as of now, however instead of taking an action right away against them, NADRA is giving them a chance to correct this issue.

Many people are having problems in passports to bank accounts due to duplicate CNIC’S and having 98000 people mean that you can actually double them in number as far as identity cards are concerned.

Therefore in case of any security hazard or crime these people will actually get away for a while based on dual identity and the authorities will take longer to trace them as compared to people with one identity.

Some of them will have gotten the cards maybe due to an older system and some due to a negative intention to begin with therefore we have bifurcated the categories and will cater to all kinds of individuals, having but one objective at the end, that every Pakistani Citizen should only have One Identity.


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