About - Ministry of Interior 
Mission Statement To make Islamic Republic of Pakistan a country where rule of law reigns supreme; where every Pakistani feels secure to lead a life in conformity with his religious beliefs, culture, heritage and customs; where a Pakistani from any group, sect or province respects the culture, tradition and faith of the other, where every foreign visitor feels welcome and secure.
Main Responsibilities The primary responsibility of Interior Division is to ensure internal security. Besides, the Interior Division deals with:
  • National registration of population and issuance of identity cards.
  • Nationality, citizenship and naturalization.
  • Immigration, passports, regulation of entry and exit of foreigners.
  • Control and administration of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Civil Armed Forces i.e. Frontier Corps, Frontier Constabulary, Pakistan Rangers and Coast Guards, Capital Development Authority and Islamabad Capital Territory.
  • Coordination of Policy matters relating to Police, Police reforms and training of Police officers through National Police Academy (NPA).
  • Anti-smuggling measures and enforcement of Anti-corruption Laws.
  • Arms policy, issuance of licenses for non-prohibited weapons.
  • Policy coordination and higher training of Civil Defence.
  • Coordination of jail reforms with Provinces and training of Jail staff at Central Jail Staff Training Institute (CJSTI), Lahore.
  • Bureau of Policy Research and Development
  • Directorate General Civil Defence
  • Directorate General of Immigration and Passport
  • Directorate General Federal Investigation Agency
  • National Police Academy
  • National Police Foundation
  • National Database & Registration Authority
  • Civil Armed Forces
  • National Police Foundation
  • Narcotics Division
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