NADRA launched its e-Commerce platform NADRA Kiosk in October 2006. The basic aim of this ID-centric product is to facilitate all the citizens of Pakistan for e-bill payments and e-transactions. NADRA Kiosk has been developed to carry-out various day-to-day transactions which involve payment of utility/ telecom bills, purchase of prepaid phone cards, disburses cash and acts as merchant bank. Now citizens do not have to stand in long queues for their utility bill payments due to short banking hours, hence enjoying time freedom round-the-clock.

Payments are made by inserting the cash directly into the Kiosk’s cash acceptor, after biometric identification from central data warehouse. Once the cash is accepted, payment is immediately credited to subscriber’s account through encrypted secure network channel. Customers can use NADRA Kiosk in English, Urdu or any other language. After completion of e-transaction, the system issues a printed receipt as an acknowledgement and updates the balance.

Services at the NADRA Kiosk include:

Bill Payments: Settlement of all utility bills including gas, water, electricity and telephone can done at the Kiosks against registered Consumer numbers.
Online Verification: Verification of the Identity Card Number of any individual is possible at the Kiosk ensuring safety in all business or domestic transaction including sale and purchase of property, automobiles, ownership transfer and/or hiring of employees.
Telecom Scratch Cards: Scratch cards of different service providers of various denominations can also be purchased through the Kiosk machine bearing the required e-pin.
Account Modification: After the creation of a user account, the registered user can modify status, add new services and utility companies and view previous transactions.