NADRA’s e-Balloting Solution is a platform that provides swiftness, transparency, authenticity in addition to the promotion of a paperless environment. The system works on most secure and unique algorithms which generate random numbers without any human intervention. It can be used for balloting/ allotment of:

  • Residential Plots/ Housing Schemes
  • Lucky Draws
  • Prize Bonds (By State Bank of Pakistan)
  • Shares (IPO-Initial Public Offerings by Public Ltd Companies)

The customer can opt for all or any of the services mentioned below:

Data Acquisition: Under this service manual forms submitted by the applicants are scanned and transformed into electronic format by expert data-entry operators of NADRA ensuring high standards of quality data acquisition using double-entry application according to the need of the client.

Data Verification: The data of the applicant is verified against their Identity Card Number stored in NADRA’s National Data Warehouse for validation and accuracy. This verification process brings in transparency, validation and elimination of fraud / forgery. During this process a list of all the applicants who have been rejected on the basis of forged ID is also maintained which is provided to the client.

e-Balloting Software: The customized e-Balloting software is developed for the client which incorporates all the business rules, polices and procedures devised for the specific scheme for instance categories, quotas etc. The secured e-Balloting software generates e-balloting results on the computer screen based on a simple click in front of the audience connected with multimedia.